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I have never had a photoshoot before!

You may have had a family shoot with your folks or some professional pics for your Matric farewell but the reality is that when it comes to a wedding, most of us have either never worked with or even hired a Professional photographer. As you search online for wedding photo inspiration or chat to friends about wedding photography the whole thing can start to feel a little overwhelming. Fear not, you are not alone, most brides and grooms go through this! Although this is by no means a definitive guide, I have put together a list of questions that we are most frequently asked as well as some extra info in the hope that it will make it feel a little less intimidating.

1. We are uncomfortable having our photo taken, how do I prepare for the photography?

Most people feel like this when it comes to your wedding photography. The best is to remember that your photographer is there to document your wedding, the interactions between friends and family and the general goings on on that day. The photos will provide a memory for you. Photographers are trained to choose great angles and beautiful light and will know when to step in and help and when to stand back and let it unfold. We are not going to get you to do anything that you would not normally do. We are also not going to let you just stand there felling self conscious either! We are always chatting to our couples or giving them something to do. You will be so excited with whats going on around you that beautiful photos will emerge without you even being aware that they were being taken.

2. "How many hours of Photographic coverage do I really need?

Before you can answer this question, you need to decide on the type of wedding you are going to have and then what parts of it you would like covered Professionally. Photographers offer different time based packages to accommodate for this as, for eg: you may not be planning a long reception or not be wanting "getting ready" photos or perhaps you are wanting just a few portraits before the ceremony etc. Generally speaking an afternoon wedding with an evening reception is normally about 9 - 10 hours, which includes bride and groom prep (2hrs), ceremony (1hr), congrats and canapes (1hr), family and group photos (30 mins), couples photos (45mins-1hr), reception including starters, speeches, mains, desert, garter and bouquet, first dances and first hour of dancing (3-4hrs).

3.What is the best time for our Couple's Photographs?

In short, any time of day can work for these photo's, it really depends on what you are looking for and how important this shoot is to you. Usually couples have this part of their day done somewhere within the last 2 hours before sunset as this time provides soft, romantic light. If your wedding schedule does not allow for this time of day, do not worry. We are experienced enough to scout beautiful spaces to use that will compliment that time of day. A couple's shoot normally lasts around 45 minutes and can be shortened or lengthened depending on what you are looking for.

4. I have been told I need make up "for the photos" and I don't usually wear loads of make-up.

Wedding Photography is a document of your wedding day and as such, should reflect you and who you are. If you are the kind of gal that loves make up, absolutely go for it. If you prefer less, then do that. Make up artists are capable of producing both. Do not feel pressured into wearing more than you are comfortable with just "for the photos".

Although a good foundation is a good option and can provide a nice even skin tone, in some instances, too much make up can have the opposite effect, especially if the foundation does not match your skin tone of your neck and shoulders. Our recommendation is to go for a make up trial, play around with looks until you are happy.

5.I have seen some images that I love on Pinterest, will you reproduce them for me?

The short answer is no, not exactly. It is good to remember that some of the images you see online were "spur of the moment" things specific to that place or wedding and can feel contrived if you try to duplicate it. What is possible is for you to create a mood board of imagery that you love as inspiration for your photos and we can work around that. For eg: if you would like evening "sparkler photos" we will come up with a concept around that but will not copy the exact image you have seen, it will be unique to you.

6.How do you know what photos are important to me?

We personally meet with all our clients and go through each part of the day and what is important to capture. We will get a feel from you where your focus is and use that as a guide when capturing your day. We do have a small, considered check list of "standard photos" that we give our clients to check off. In our experience, some of these photos you may not think of until after the fact, therefore we do this so we don't miss anything sentimental or waste time photographing images you don't really want.


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